FPV RC Car - With Controller

Product Code: Interceptor RaceVision FPV RC Car - BNR

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- Real-time Hobby-grade FPV Video Transmission System

- 1/18th scale on-road buggy design perfect for indoor racing

- Rear friction coil shocks for smoother driving over rough surfaces

- Rear wheel straight axle motor and transmission for direct power-to-the-ground feel

- Durable front bumper to withstand a flurry of fun and crashes

- Replaceable 300mah 1S 4.2V LiPo battery included with USB charging circuit built into Interceptor

- Rack-and-pinion steering and independent steering servo for precision control

- Plastic racing canopy and spoiler for slick racing look and distinct design

- On-board USB charging system under the car body



- 1x First-Person-View (FPV) RC Car

- 1x Controller

- 1x Micro USB Cable



Upgrade battery found here: https://emax-usa.com/tinyhawkbattery.html

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