Choosing The Right Power System

Motors and Propellers

2024 Motor Series

RSIII Series

With modern styling, the RSIII is our flagship brushless motor for racing, performance, and weight. Designed to handle up to 2100kv on 6s, an industry first, this motor can be built on any platform with a noticeable difference.

ECO II Series

EMAX's affordable motor solution for racers and budget builders alike. The ECO II series offers minimal compromise to performance and build quality while costing just a fraction of our premium offering.

Pro Series

Need more power? The EMAX Pro Series is our premium line of reliable motors designed for carrying payloads or for larger cinema drones. With incredibly smooth performance, and ultimate reliability, these motors are to be trusted to get the job done.

What to Look for in a Motor

Stator Size

Stator size is diameter and height. A 2306 Motor is 23mm in width and 6mm in height. Different sizes are designed around different propeller loads as well as customizing different performance curves for pilot preferences.


Kv is a rating system for measuring motor RPM with no load. Multiply the rating (K) by the battery voltage (v). A (2300Kv motor) x (4s Lipo fully charged to 16.8v) = 38,640 RPM

Propeller Mount

There are a variety of different mounts depending on your chosen power system. Double check to make sure your motor and propeller match.

Motor Recommendations

Sub 2 Inch Propellers

For very small aircraft, tiny brushless motors like the TH0802 are designed for extremely light payloads. Brushed motors are also popular for very small payloads.

2 Inch Propellers

For a two inch power system, there's a variety of motor sizes suited for 2 inch. 1104, 1106, and 1108 are recommended and popular for 3-4s drones.

3 Inch Propellers

3 inch is a popular choice for 3-4s drones as it is more efficient for the weight. For going lightweight, 1108 offers a solid power to weight ratio while scaling up to 1306 or 1408 gives less efficient performance for more power.

4 Inch Propellers

4inch is an interesting size which performs best around 1606. 4 inch wants a good amount of torque but larger motors offer diminishing return, limited by 4 inch propellers.

5-6 Inch Propellers

5 inch is one of the most popular sizes for it's small size while having the ability to carry a small action camera. 6 inch has a lot of bleed over as popular 5 inch options also push 6 inch propellers efficiently. The most popular sizes are 2206, 2207, and 2306. There are many options that spread out from there such as 2208 and more.

7 And Larger Inch Propellers

As pilots are moving towards upping the quality of their drone footage, the need for larger drones to carry heavier payloads arises. Sizes of around 2408 to 2810 are what pilots tend to gravitate towards depending on payload.

AVAN Series


AVAN Scimitar

Engineered around flight time, the AVAN Scimitar design offers various sizes and pitches to cater to a large variety of drone types. Key design points are flight time, durability, and throttle response.  

Offerings: 5x2.6x3 5x2.8x3 5x3x3 5x2.8x4 4x2.4x3 4x2.8x3 3.5x2.8x3  



The ultimate 5" design centered around balancing flight time, efficiency, and performance. As the most centrist propeller design, the Flow is a great starting point for people to discover their flight style.



AVAN Long Range

The Long Range is optimize to operate at 50 mph with a low current consumption at that speed to maximize range. With minimal vibration and efficient performance all throughout the throttle curve, maximized travel distance in a 6 inch drone is achieved.




Our 3 inch AVAN offering, designed around maximum flight time for 3 inch drones on 1106 motors or similar, the Mini gives a linear performance curve centered around control and durability.




Designed for performance and flight time for 2.5" drones, the Rush offers a powerful thrust-to-weight ratio for micro drones.



AVAN Babyhawk

Designed around 1104 sized motors, the 2.3" AVAN Babyhawk offers linear control and performance for micro sized drones.



AVAN Micro

Centered around maximum performance and efficiency, this 2" offering is designed for powerful micro racing drones. For fast or tight tracks, the Micro can cater to any micro racing situation.




A 2" propeller offering designed around flight time. With linear control and strong grip, the Blur is a popular option for freestyle builds.


Power Systems

EMAX's offerings for Motors and Propellers

  • 1700KV
  • 1900KV
  • 2400KV
  • 1700KV
  • 1900KV
  • 2400KV
  • 1300KV
  • 1500KV
  • 1700KV
EMAX RS1106 Micro Brushless Motor (1 pcs) EMAX RS1106 Micro Brushless Motor (1 pcs)
  • 4500KV
  • 6000KV
  • 7500KV
Tinyhawk 3 / 3 Plus Spare Parts - 0802 15000kv Motor Tinyhawk 3 / 3 Plus Spare Parts - 0802 15000kv Motor
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