Replacement AIO board for Babyhawk II, Babyhawk II HD, Babyhawk O3, Cinehawk, or for use in any DIY...
Replacement propeller guards for Cinehawk. Also can be used on Babyhawk II and Babyhawk O3 for cine-whoop style uses....
3D printed GoPro lug for the EMAX Cinehawk Includes longer screws for top plate mounting.
Replacement 3D printed frame pieces for the EMAX Cinehawk  Includes 1x O3 cam protector, 1x left cam mount,...
Replacement pins and grommets used for dampening on the EMAX Cinehawk. Includes 4x grommets, 4x pins, 4x pin locks
Replacement damping plate for the EMAX Cinehawk
Replacement top plate for the EMAX Cinehawk
Replacement main frame plate for the EMAX Cinehawk
Replacement bottom plate for the EMAX Cinehawk
Hardware kit for the EMAX Cinehawk Includes replacement hardware piece for each piece used on the Cinehawk drone.