The Tinyhawk 1S LiPo battery is also part of the whole design around the great flight performance of the...
Replacement 0802 II 15000kv Motor for Tinyhawk 3 with connector.
Replacement RunCam Nano 4 FPV Camera for Tinyhawk 3. Soldering required.
Replacement PH2.0 power connector with solid pins and capacitor for Tinyhawk 3. Can also be used on DIY craft...
Replacement all-in-one flight controller and ESC for the Tinyhawk 3.  Standard 26x26 whoop mounting pattern for DIY builds.
Replacement set of Avia TH propellers for the Tinyhawk 3.  These larger diameter propellers DO NOT fit Tinyhawk 2,...
Replacement Tinyhawk 3 hardware kit that includes a complete hardware set for your model including spares and rubber bands.
Replacement Tinyhawk 3 frame that includes all plastic pieces necessary to freshen up your model.