EMAX Charger 4-Port 1S-2S LiPo USB for Tinyhawk S/Tinyhawk II Drones

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Replacement charger for OEM Tinyhawk S. This is a great charger for anyone that would like to charge 1s liPo and 2s Tinyhawk LiPos on the go. We recommend using a 2+ amp wall charger for best charging experience.

Compatibility: 1S HV (high voltage) LiPo battery via the two PH2.0 connectors. 2S standard or HV LiPo battery via the two JST-XH connectors only, just use the slide switch to select "Lipo" (4.2V) or "HV" (4.35).

Do not plug any non-1S LiPo batteries into the PH2.0 connectors on the charger, even if it fits (e.g. the 2S LiPo of the TinyHawk S). The 2S LiPo and charger may become damaged.