EMAX Charger 6-Port 1S LiPo USB PH2.0 Tinyhawk/Nanohawk Drones


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Replacement charger for OEM Tinyhawk, Tinyhawk Freestyle, or Nanohawk. This is a great charger for anyone that would like to charge 1S LiPos on the go. We recommend using a 2+ amp wall charger for best charging experience.

Compatibility: 1S High Voltage(3.8/4.35V) LiPo battery via the 6 PH2.0 connectors. 

Do not plug any non-1S LiPo batteries into the PH2.0 connectors on the charger, even if it fits (e.g. the 2S LiPo of the TinyHawk II or S). The 2S LiPo and charger will become damaged.


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