MultiGP STEM Alliance Drones In School Booster Combo for Tinyhawk III Plus RTF

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In collaboration with the MultiGP STEM Alliance and Drones In School program, EMAX has worked together to offer a complete package of all necessary items for success with the curriculum.

Drones In School is a unique educational program that develops aeronautics, engineering, project management, entrepreneurship, graphic design, and marketing skills. ​Drones In School is a comprehensive event that challenges students to go beyond their current skills through a fun and engaging process that wraps around the exciting sport of drone racing.​

To get started with the STEM Alliance Tinyhawk III Drones In School program and access the curriculum, please visit this link and select the "Tinyhawk III Version" option.

The Drones In School Tinyhawk III Plus Booster Combo includes:

  • 2x Avia Tinyhawk Propeller Sets for TH3 - Consumable items to be replaced after possible crashes.

  • 1x 350mah 2S 7.6V HV LiPo Battery - Higher voltage battery for use with some set ups or preferred flight characteristics.

  • 5x 650mah 1S 3.8V HV LiPo Batteries - Greater number of batteries for extended flight and testing sessions.

  • 4x 0802 II 15000kv Motors for TH3 Plus - Replacement motors if damaged during the build or crashes during flight.

  • 1x EMAX Hex Driver Tool - For camera angle changes and model disassembly.

  • 1x Battery Voltage Checker - Maintain and monitor Tinyhawk LiPo battery voltages.