EMAX BUZZ Freestyle Racing BNF 1700kv 5-6s Frsky

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Product specification:

Diagonal wheelbase (without paddles): 245mm

Aircraft weight (without battery): 358g

Motor: FS 2306 2400kv / FS 2306 1700kv

Propeller: Avan Flow 5x4.3x3 & Avan Scimitar 5x2.6x3

Main Flight Controller: F4(OmnibusF4 firmware)

ESC: 4 in one 3s-6s 45A 32 bit ESC

Receiver: FrSky XM+ receiver 16 CH

Diversity Camera: Caddx Micro S1 CCD

VTX : 0-25-200mW Adjustable frequency 37CH With Smart Audio

Product list
1. Buzz × 1
2. Avan Flow 5x4.3x3 (3x CW, 3x CCW) Red
3. Avan Scimitar 5x2.8x3 (3x CW, 3x CCW) Red
4. Extra Parts Package × 1
5. Instruction manual × 1
6. Pagoda Right Hand Antenna × 1
7. HD Camera Strap x 1
8. Spare Arm x 1

Factory CLI EMAX Buzz

GoPro mounts for EMAX BUZZ to mount to canopy CLICK HERE

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