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EMAX EM2.0 Connector: The Open-Source Power Solution

Introducing the EMAX EM2.0 Connector: A lightweight, efficient solution for micro-sized drones. Let’s dive into the details:

Weight Advantage:

  • The EMAX EM2.0 connector boasts an impressive weight reduction:
    • Male: Approximately 0.4g
    • Female: Approximately 0.3g
    • Compared to the XT30 connector weighing at 1.7g total, this represents a significant 59% weight reduction.

Low Internal Resistance:

  • With an internal resistance of just 12.5mΩ, the EM2.0 minimizes energy loss during power transfer.
  • Lower resistance means less wasted energy, resulting in longer flight times and increased efficiency.

Current Handling:

  • The EM2.0 connector can handle:
    • Burst Current: 20A
    • Continuous current: 10A
  • This robust current capacity ensures reliable power delivery during demanding maneuvers.
  • It significantly outperforms the BT2.0 connector’s 9A continuous and 15A burst capabilities, providing increased performance for 1s & 2s drones with more headroom.

Quality Materials:

  • Metal parts: Gold-plated brass
  • Shell: Durable nylon
  • These materials strike a balance between conductivity and durability, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

Compact Design:

  • Male dimensions (including metal pins): 10.9mm × 7.1mm × 5.4mm
  • Female dimensions (including metal pins): 10.1mm × 8.1mm × 6.4mm
  • The compact size allows for efficient integration into micro-sized drone designs.

Open Source:

  • EMAX proudly shares the EM2.0 connector’s design with the entire FPV micro industry.
  • Any manufacturer can adopt this connector, fostering collaboration and innovation.
  • Our goal isn’t exclusivity; it’s progress. By embracing the EM2.0, we invite everyone to elevate the hobby together.
  • The EM2.0 connector’s open-source nature ensures that it’s not limited to EMAX products alone.

Learn more on GitHub: EmaxModel/YINYAN-EMAX-EM2.0: 银燕EMAX EAM2.0 (github.com)

In summary, the EMAX EM2.0 connector offers weight savings, low resistance, high current handling, quality materials, and a compact form factor. Upgrade your micro drone’s power system with the EM2.0 for extended flight times and optimized performance!