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EMAX 60-Day Limited Warranty

Please read all the items in this warranty before submitting a claim with EMAX customer service. Failure to do so will result in claim being delayed or may be rejected.

The ticketing system is not a live chat interface. Submitted tickets and subsequent responses will be responded to within 2 business days, excluding holidays and weekends.

Service staff operation hours: 11-4pm PST, Monday-Friday, escept holidays.

EMAX can change this policy at any time without notice.

EMAX has the right to refuse service of any claim if customer is found to not cooperate with the warranty guidelines set in place.

As some of our product use open source software/firmware’s, EMAX is not responsible for any products that has modified software outside of the one used during the manufacturing process. Update at your own risk.

All products from EMAX International Corp. (hereinafter called ”EMAX“) are manufactured according to the highest quality standards. EMAX guarantees this product to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for 60-days from the original date of purchase verified by sales receipt (not when product started to be in use). This limited warranty doesn’t cover defects, which are a result of misuse, improper maintenance, outside interference or mechanical damage. This applies among other things to:

• Cut off original power plug or not using reverse polarity protected plugs

• Receiver wire and/or switch wire damaged

• Mechanical damage of the case, this includes any crash damage to the internal or external components.

• Humidity/Water inside

• Mechanical damage of electronic components/PCB

• Soldered on the PCB (except on external solder-tabs) and failure to solder correctly to components. If you have issues with soldering to smaller components…. STOP. Please seek professional assistance before attempting.

• Connected speed-control with reversed polarity. There are special components that are in use to detect when this happens.

To eliminate all other possibilities or improper handling, first check all other components in your model and the trouble shooting guide, if available, before you send in this product for repair. If products are sent in for repair, which do operate perfectly, we must charge a service fee according to our service pricelist. With sending in this product, the customer must advise EMAX if the product should be repaired in either case. Please follow instruction below on our website before sending in any claim product. If there is neither a warranty nor guarantee claim, the inspection of the product and the repairs, if necessary, in either case will be charged with a fee at the customer's expense according to our price list. EMAX will offer a discount price list if claim is not warrantied to provide customer with alternative. A proof of purchase including date of purchase needs to be included (no exceptions). Otherwise, no warranty can be granted. For quick repair- and return service, add any and all details on the problem in addition to pictures and any DVR footage from the incident if applicable.


If EMAX no longer manufactures a returned defective product and we are unable to service it, we shall provide you with a product that has at least the same value from one of the successor series.

The specifications like weight, size and others should be seen as guide values. Due to ongoing technical improvements, which are done in the interest of the product, EMAX does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of these specs.

DO NOT send any damaged LiPo (lithium type) batteries back to EMAX. Please follow the special instruction set by the customer service rep to process this type of warranty claim. EMAX is not responsible for packages shipped with LiPo batteries and will dispose of the battery immediately without compensation to the customer.

EMAX is not responsible for any lost packages during transit. If lost contact your shipper to report a claim, we advise sending with tracking information. Also note that EMAX will not send a call tag for the product, customer must pay for all shipping going to EMAX. If product is not covered under warranty after EMAX final decision, customer will have to pay shipping of product being shipped back to customer. If customer does not claim the out of warranty product, EMAX will consider product abandoned and dispose of it properly. If EMAX has determined product to be in defect we will ship new product of same or similar specifications to the customer via shipper with tracking information. EMAX will not ship out replacement item until the defective product is received at EMAX Customer Service, and has been inspected.


Average service time frame not including shipping from customer to service center is 7-10 business days.


If customer does not agree with these terms, or follow the instructions set by EMAX or its representatives, then claim will not be completed until all information is complete or may be rejected.

If you agree to all the information above, please follow the information below to submit your warranty claim. Please provide the following information when submitting your claim:

  1. Provide original proof of purchase.

  2. A photo of the item(s) in question.

  3. A detailed description of the problem, and the equipment used. This includes any other manufacture products used in the build of the product.

  4. If the problem can be replicated, please also submit DVR footage of the problem or LOS footage.

Dealers: Please also follow the warranty to submit claims. If submitting for your customer, please note that you will be the sole contact of the claim, as we may ask for additional information from either the customer or you, this may delay the timeframe of the claim. It’s best to have customer submit the claim to prevent delays.
Please fill out the form below if you are requesting a Customer Service Representative to contact you in regards to your RMA request. Also There is a attach file icon in the body of the description section. Please use this to add any pictures and/or videos to help understand you request. Please give as much detailed information of the issue so our support specialist can better assist.  For better performance of the form, please try to use a PC when ever possible.


Thank You


Please note: This service is for EMAX customers in the North America regions. We can assist with general questions. But if you purchased from international please visit for assistance.

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