Avan Flow Propeller 5x4.3x3 FPV Racing Propeller-1 SET

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Tech Specifications:


5 inch diameter

4.3 inch pitch

3 blades

 Inertial Properties:

weight: 4.3 grams

Moment of Inertia: 13.4 g*cm^2

Product Description:

The Emax Avan Flow propeller 5x4.3x3 was designed to maximize control while remaining efficient. A true constant 4.3" pitch throughout the blade gives a linear control feeling across the throttle band while still achieving high speeds. With a special PC blend the Avan Flow weighs 4.3 grams. Most of the weight is centralized near the hub creating a low moment of inertia of 13.4 grams*square centimeter which in turn makes a very responsive prop.  Best match for 2206-2207-2306 motors around 2400kv. 

The Avan Flow was designed from the ground up starting from design constraints such as RPM, air speed, and required thrust. From these constraints aerodynamic models were built to predict performance and to design the blade shape. Highly cambered airfoils were used to achieve high lift coefficients at high angles of attack prolonging stall. This allows for a higher blade angle while still remaining efficient. The cambered airfoils also allow a greater flight envelope making for great low end responsiveness while still being able to achieve high speeds. 

A special Polycarbonate blend is used to achieve high durability. This material is incredibly tough and ductile to resist fracture in high impact crashes. A thick blade root was designed to further increase this durability. Our injection mold process is optimized to reduce bubbles in the plastic to increase the strength of the propeller.


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  • 5
    Amazing prop!

    Posted by Nobody FPV on Feb 27th 2018

    This is an overall amazing prop! It corners well, has plenty of thrust paired with the LS2207's, and are durable. The efficiency is great as well. Freestyle is where this prop really shines. They can take a beating from Scraggle and stay true. Check out my review here! https://youtu.be/obcrf7vV6ow

  • 5

    Posted by DMANIAK on Feb 18th 2018

    These props are Amazing!!! Not as aggressive as it's brother 5" Avan prop. It still supplies tons of power when needed, but doesn't suck the battery down like a blood thirsty vampire. Nice design having the prop pitch extend the length of the blade. Gives a nice feel of control, even when pushed to its max. Have had several crashes since putting these props on. They are extremely durable, haven't had replace or straighten one yet. Superior job Emax, very nice prop. I have a video review on my YouTube page, check it out

  • 5
    Love these props!

    Posted by Stv on Feb 17th 2018

    I ordered these because I've already fallen in love with the Avan Rd and As, these did NOT disappoint either! With the bite and thrust of avan rs, these have the added durability of the pc blend that makes them a lot more malleable in case of prop strikes or crashes, so you can just bend them back, take that DAL,lol